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Announcing Networking Opportunity for Empirical Researchers on Legal Education: Working with support from the National Science Foundation and the American Bar Foundation, our planning committee seeks to develop an active network of social scientists and legal academics doing empirical work on legal education. We hope to connect social scientists who are studying law schools using multiple disciplinary methods and perspectives. With global connections in law growing, we also hope to foster a comparative perspective in this area of study. By working in communication with each other, researchers can advance knowledge in the area more quickly and deeply, while also preventing costly duplication of efforts. We will also be working to connect members of this network with larger groups interested in research on legal education, such as the Access Group.

If you are conducting empirical research on legal education, you can contact us at Please send us a 1-2 paragraph description of your current and (if applicable) past work in the area, and either a current vita or a list of relevant publications, presentations, and reports.

Planning Committee: Elizabeth Mertz (chair), Meera Deo, Bryant Garth,Victor Quintanilla, Carole Silver, Ann Southworth

Applications Open for Baldy Fellowships in Interdisciplinary Legal Studies Baldy Center Fellowships in Interdisciplinary Legal Studies are available to post-doctoral, mid-career, and senior scholars. This year's application is due January 17, 2017.

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