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Seeking to develop a rigorous, genuinely interdisciplinary approach to the empirical study of law.
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Series 2: 2012-2014 Papers

Dagan, Hanoch, Normative Jurisprudence and Legal Realism. University of Toronto Law Journal 64 (2014)

Dagan, Hanoch and Roy Kreitner, The Interdisciplinary Party. Critical Analysis of Law 1:1 (2014)

Dagan, Hanoch, Defending Legal Realism: A Response to Four Critics. Critical Analysis of Law 1:2 (2014)

Dagan, Hanoch, Lawmaking for Legal Realists. The Theory and Practice of Legislation, Vol. 1, No. 1 (June 2013)

Shaffer, Gregory, Comparative Institutional Analysis and a New Legal Realism. For University of Wisconsin Law Review Symposium. NLR Working Paper, Series 2 (2013)

Secunda, Paul, Cultural Cognition Insights Into Judicial Decisionmaking in Employee Benefits Cases: Lessons from Conkright vs. Frommert. NLR Working Paper, Series 2 (2012)