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Seeking to develop a rigorous, genuinely interdisciplinary approach to the empirical study of law.
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Series 1: Papers posted 2007-2011

Braman, Eileen & Mitchell Pickerill, Path Dependence in Studies of Legal Decisionmaking.
Paper presented at the “What’s Law Got to Do With It?” Conference at Maurer School of Law, Indiana University (2009)

Dagan, Hanoch The Realist Conception of Law
NLR Working Paper, Series 1

Leiter, Brian, American Legal Realism in The Blackwell Guide to Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory, edited by W. Edmundson and M. Golding. Blackwell, 2005 (2nd ed. published in 2010).

Leiter, Brian, In Praise of Legal Realism (and Against ‘Nonsense’ Jurisprudence)
NLR Working Paper, Series 1

Macaulay, Stewart, A New Legal Realism: Elegant Models and the Messy Law in Action.
NLR Working Paper, Series 1

Mertz, Elizabeth, Introduction
in The Role of Social Science in Law, ed. E. Mertz (Ashgate 2008)

McCann, Michael, Dr. Strangelove (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Methodology).
Studies in Law, Politics, and Society 41:19-59 (2008)

Nourse, Victoria & Gregory Shaffer, Varieties of New Legal Realism: Can a New World Order Prompt a New Legal Theory? 94 Cornell L. Rev. 61 (2009)

Shaffer, Gregory, A New Legal Realism: Method in International Economic Law in International Economic Law: The State & Future of the Discipline, Colin B. Picker, Isabella Bunn & Douglas Arner, eds., pp. 29-42, Hart Publishing (2008)

Wilkins, David, Team of Rivals? Toward a New Model of the Corporate Attorney/Client Relationship Current Legal Problems Series, Oxford University Press (2009)

**See Working Papers: Series 2 (2012 Papers)